Bodyguard Unseen by Vincenzo D’Aquila

In July 1915, Vincenzo D’Aquila was one of 1,500 Italian-Americans to set sail for Italy on the San Guglielmo in order to join the Italian military in World War I. This is his true story of “war and folly” dedicated to all his “buddies of all nations who made the supreme sacrifice.” This is the first time in over 85 years that his story will be made available to the public, and will be published for the first time in paperback and eBook formats.The editing process is fully underway. This edition will include unpublished letters, updated artwork, and many new historical insights. We are very excited for World War I buffs, students, professors, and teachers to finally have access to this autobiography. This is somewhat of a forgotten story, not told often enough. This work details many of the atrocities of the Great War on the Alpine front along the Isonzo; the unbridled arrogance and incompetence of Italian military leadership; and what it’s like to be a prisoner of your own free will.